1 de April de 2020

Economic Pandemic – Debts Renegotiation, Company Preservation and Judicial and Extrajudicial Corporate Reorganization in Brazil

By Antonio Carlos C. Mazzucco, Andre Jerusalmy and Vitor Antony Ferrari – 03/19/2020 Facing the crisis scenario created by COVID-19 around the world that is affecting […]
31 de March de 2020

Force majeure according to the PRC law and force majeure certificates issued by CCPIT

By Antonio Carlos C. Mazzucco and Hannah Wang – 03/31/2020 China coronavirus outbreak started on late December 2019. Since then, the Chinese government has taken effective […]
31 de March de 2020

Brazilian Federal Revenue temporarily restricts presential service for the taxpayer in the central assistance units (CAC) and suspends administrative acts as protection measures to deal with the public health emergency caused by coronavirus (Covid-19).

By Mariana Martins – 03/20/2020 By means of the Ordinance RFB no. 543 of March 20, 2020, the Brazilian Federal Revenue suspended, until May 29, 2020, […]
26 de March de 2020

Central Bank of Brazil extends the deadline for delivery the declaration of Brazilian Capitals Abroad

By André Jerusalmy e Marcos Buzo – 03/26/2020 Due to COVID-19, the Central Bank of Brazil (BCB) extended the deadline for the annual declaration, based on […]
25 de March de 2020

Our partner Christian F. Rosa awarded international certification in Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)

By Mazzucco & Mello Advogados- 03/25/2020 Our partner Christian F. Rosa was granted the CP3P-F certification in Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), issued by APMG International. CP3P is […]
25 de March de 2020

China Reports

By Mazzucco&Mello – 25/03/2020 The first corona virus case was notified by the World Health Organization (WHO) on December 2019. With more than 422.629 already confirmed […]
24 de March de 2020

The situation of Covid 19 in China, how the government fight against the consequences of the economic slowdown

By Hannah Wang – 03/24/2020 In January 2020, the COVID 19 suddenly appeared and rapidly spread in China. Facing the severe situation, the government have taken […]
3 de February de 2020

Professional Certification in Anti-Corruption Compliance

Our partner Christian Fernandes Rosa received the Professional Certification in Anti-Corruption Compliance – CPC-A issued by LCB – LEC Certification Board. CPC-A is the best-known national […]
31 de January de 2020

Deadline for taxpayers in Rio de Janeiro to submit individual transaction proposals to the Office of the General Counsel for the Federal Treasury ends on 1/30

By Mariana Martins and Marcelo Blecher On 11/29/2019, Regulation 11956/2019 of the Office of the General Counsel for the Federal Treasury (PGFN) was published in the […]