14 de May de 2021

STF decides that ICMS exclusion from the PIS/COFINS basis is valid as of March 2017

By : Guilherme Martins The judgment of RE 574.706, which excluded the ICMS from the PIS and COFINS calculation basis, ended this Thursday. By eight votes […]
3 de May de 2021

The Environmental impact on Bidding Procedures – according to the New Bidding Law

By: Leonardo Neri The new bidding law has brought significant changes in its text with regard to sustainability and the environment. Among other measures, the new […]
29 de April de 2021

The Program of Integrity and Relations with the Public Authorities – according to the New Bidding Law

By: Leonardo Neri The implementation of an integrity program by companies gained strength in Brazil under the Anti-Corruption Law – Law 12.846/2013. The aim is to […]
8 de March de 2021

Electric Power derivatives: Solution or Damage to the Energy Market?

By: André Jerusalmy Derivatives are financial contracts involving two parties that agree on the purchase or sale of an underlying asset at a future time. These […]
1 de March de 2021

The disposal of assets in the new text of the Judicial Recovery and Bankruptcy Law

By: Vitor Antony Ferrari and Ivan Kubala. The disposal of assets has been shown to be an advantageous tool for obtaining resources and restructuring companies in […]
26 de February de 2021

Presidential vetoes in the amendment of the Judicial Recovery Law should be guided by Congress until 03/04/2021.

By: Vitor Antony Ferrari and Ivan Kubala The text of Law No 14.112/2020 was published in the Union’s Official Gazette on December 24, after being sanctioned […]
18 de February de 2021

Federal Revenue Service admits PIS and COFINS credits on waste treatment expenses

By: Guilherme Martins Since the STJ appreciated the concept of inputs for the purpose of PIS and COFINS credits, establishing the criteria of relevance or essentiality[1], […]
11 de January de 2021

Did Law 14,052/2020 solve the GSF or have stopped a wound?

01/11/2021 By  Fabiana Porta Law 14, 052/2020 and a solution to the GSF. After five years of scrutiny, the Brazilian Congress finally approved the new conditions […]
11 de January de 2021

Reverse logistics of eletronic products begins in 2021

01/11/2021 By Leonardo Neri and Barbara Oliveira Published in February of 2020, the Federal Decree No. 10,240/2020 addresses, among other subjects, the operation of reverse logistics […]