3 de August de 2021

CVM includes inspection fee in PagTesouro

By: André Jerusalmy. The CVM added the payment of the inspection fee by means of the PagTesouro. In addition, it is possible to pay the values […]
26 de July de 2021

Changes promoted by MP 1.040/2021: Improvements in Brazil’s Business Environment

By: Andre Jerusalmy On March 30, 2021, the president of the republic edited Provisional Measure No. 1.040/2021 (“MP 1.040/21”), with the objective of modernizing and speeding […]
14 de July de 2021

LGPD as input: unprecedented court decision allows the company to appropriate PIS and COFINS credits

By: Guilherme Martins In a decision handed down at the first instance, the Federal Court[1]  granted the right to a chain of apparel stores, to obtain […]
8 de July de 2021

Infrastructure Debentures

By: André Jerusalmy Debentures are credit securities issued by companies and traded on the capital market. It is a security issued by a stock company, representing […]
25 de June de 2021

STF: ISS to be included in CPRB calculation basis

By: Guilherme Martins In voting closed last Friday (06/18), the Supreme Federal Court (STF) defined that the ISS should be included in Social Security Contribution on […]
21 de June de 2021

CVM launches public hearing on new BDR rules

By: Andre Jerusalmy On September 17, 2020, the Securities and Exchange Commission (“CVM”) published the public hearing No. 03/21 (“Public Hearing”), a new proposal for BDR […]
18 de June de 2021

Justice fulfills first search and seizure based on the LGPD rules

By: Leonardo Neri Released in September, the LGPD made its first search and seizure order last week, 06/10. The Judiciary Branch of São Paulo, deferred the […]
27 de May de 2021

Draft Law 827/20 that suspends evictions until the end of 2021 submitted for approval by the Senate

By: Vitor Antony Ferrari, Ivan Kubala. As publicly and notoriously known, since the a state of public calamity resulting from the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) was declared […]
25 de May de 2021

MMX Case – (Non)application of the new Bankruptcy Law rules

By: Vitor Antony Ferrari, Ivan Kubala. The confirmation by the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro of the bankruptcy of MMX Mineração e Metálicos, a […]