2 de March de 2022

Guidance on the LGPD application by handling agents in the electoral context

By: Leonardo Neri With elections in the year 2022 and the increased use of digital tools by society, the Orientative Guide for the application of LGPD […]
2 de March de 2022

Judgments of the Court of Justice of the State of São Paulo containing grounds in the LGPD

By: Leonardo Neri Court of Justice of the State of São Paulo containing LGPD We have collected some court decisions from the Court of Justice of […]
1 de March de 2022

Provisional Compliance with the Judicial Reorganization Plan. Is it possible?

By: Vitor Antony Ferrari and Ivan Kubala Despite being an important tool to overcome a temporary economic-financial crisis, the judicial rehabilitation is only achieved with much […]
1 de March de 2022

Are you a creditor in Legal Recovery? Know more what to do

By: Vitor Ferrari and Ivan Kubala Judicial Reorganization is a judicial procedure that is becoming increasingly common, and helps companies to overcome their economic crises, with […]
12 de February de 2022

STF judges the effects of decision that ruled out ICMS incidence over establishments of the same owner

By: Guilherme Martins The Federal Supreme Court (STF) resumes this Friday (Dec. 10) the trial of motions for clarification on the Action for Declaratory Judgment on […]
12 de February de 2022

Cacau Show is condemned for alleged leakage of former employee data

By: Leonardo Neri In a court proceedings at Ponte Nova Labor Court, an employee from Cacau Show claimed to receive calls from companies at inappropriate hours. […]
12 de February de 2022

Unseizability of financial investments and current account deposits

By: Vitor Antony Ferrari, Ivan Kubala Brazil’s legislation establishes a list of goods considered unseizable, i.e., that cannot be used to satisfy credit charged judicially. Examples […]
31 de January de 2022

Draft of digital currencies issuance by the Central Bank

By: André Jerusalmy With the growth of the crypto assets market, especially cryptocurrencies, we see an increase in the governments and entities interest in regulating these […]
20 de January de 2022

Metaverse Creates Business Opportunities and Trillion-Dollar Market

By: André Jerusalmy One of the most striking facts of the year 2021 was the name change of Facebook, which is now called “Meta”. This change […]