13 de August de 2022

Recognition – Análise Advocacia.

We were recognized again, as one of the main law firms in Greater Sao Paulo, in the comprehensive category in the ranking published by editorial  Análise […]
13 de August de 2022

Mazzucco & Mello implemented Privacy & Data Protection program at Leo Madeiras

Mazzucco & Mello Advogados once again stands out in the construction market, by assisting Leo Madeiras in the Compliance program regarding the implementation of processes in […]
13 de August de 2022

Bronzearte and Arla ‘s Judicial Reorganization finally comes to an end

Today, the forum of Embu das Artes/SP county´s closed Bronzearte and Arla ‘s Judicial Reorganization, which had their reaorganization plans approved in december of 2017 and […]
13 de August de 2022

Mazzucco&Mello assisted pharmaceutical company in a tax transaction and obtained a 67% reduction of the transacted debts

“Mazzucco&Mello Advogados assisted an important pharmaceutical company in a tax transaction. The debt, whose updated value corresponded to more than R$ 3 million, was reduced by […]
29 de May de 2022

Provisory Measure 1085/2021 – Creation of SERP – Electronic Public Records System

By: Vitor Anthony Ferrari and Ivan Kubala At the end of year 2021, more precisely on December 28th, the President of the Republic in the use […]
22 de April de 2022

STJ decides that ITBI must be calculated based on the property acquisition value

By: Vitor Ferrari and Ivan Kubala Last February 24, the 1st Section of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ), when judging Special Appeal No. 1.937.821/SP under […]
15 de March de 2022

TRF-3 recognizes the ICMS-ST exclusion from PIS and COFINS tax bases

By: Guilherme Martins The 6th Panel of the Federal Regional Court of the 3rd Region (TRF-3) recognized, by majority vote, the right of concessionaires to exclude […]
9 de March de 2022

STJ rules out taxation by IRPJ/CSLL on gains obtained with tax incentives

By: Guilherme Martins The Superior Court of Justice (STJ), in a judgment held by its 1st Panel, decided that gains obtained by a company as a […]
2 de March de 2022

Approved treatment regulations for small-sized agents in relation to LGPD

By: Leonardo Neri Published on 28/01/2022 the new regulation on the small-sized agents treatment, which addresses the risks and possible exemptions and obligations´ flexibilizations set out […]