16 de May de 2019

Corporate compliance as an instrument to generate value

By Christian Fernandes Gomes da Rosa The importance of the companies as institutions lies in the fact that they are efficient means to generate value to […]
16 de May de 2019

Union contribution: the innovations brought by MP 873/2019

By Rafael Mello, Paola Gabriela de Carvalho Tosta, Leticia Cordeiro e Fabiana Aparecida da Silva On March 1, 2019, the Presidency of the Republic adopted Provisional […]
16 de May de 2019

MP that enacted the ANPD in the General Law for Data Protection and its juridical effects

By Leonardo Neri Candido de Azevedo+ At the end of last year, the government published the Provisional Measure (MP) No. 869/18, which creates the National Data […]
16 de May de 2019

Normative Instruction authorizes the certification of copies for corporate registration by attorneys

By Luis Felipe Fornetti Eiras On Tuesday, April 30, 2019, Normative Instruction 60/2019 was published in the Federal Official Gazette. The mentioned instruction issued by the […]
16 de May de 2019

Indemnity for the Loss of the Consumer’s Useful Time (Wasted Time Theory)

By Bárbara Oliveira The discussion as to the non-admissibility of indemnity for moral damage caused by a mere annoyance in daily life is certainly quite exhausted. […]
16 de May de 2019

Arbitration section provided for in the Bylaws of the publicly-held company: prevention for the solution of conflicts. The Petrobras case.

By Fabio Marques Law No. 13.129/15 introduced, in the text of the arbitration law – Law No. 9.307/96 and in the text of the Corporations Law […]
16 de May de 2019

STJ extends Reintegra’s tax benefit to the sales of goods destined to Manaus Free Trade Zone

Por Marcelo Blecher The 1st Panel of the Superior Court of Justice (“STJ”) decided, in the judgment of Special Appeal (“REsp”) 1.679.681/SC, that the sale of […]
16 de May de 2019

STJ determines that the ICMS does not integrate the calculation base of the CPRB

By Marcelo Blecher In a judgment concluded last April 10, the 1st Section of the Superior Court of Justice (“STJ”) adopted the understanding that the ICMS […]
3 de April de 2019

Extrajudicial settlements in Labor Justice