16 de July de 2019

Unconstitutionality of the Permission to Work of Pregnant Women And Breast-Feeders in Hazardous Environments Declared, Granted by the Labor Reform.

By Leticia Cordeiro e Rafael Mello The labor reform instituted by law No. 13.467/2017 brought the possibility of work to breast-feeders and pregnant women in hazardous […]
16 de July de 2019

STJ expresses understanding in the sense that the presumed credit of IPI integrates the calculation base of the IRPJ and CSLL

By Camila Friaça The 1st Section of the STJ established the understanding that the presumed credit of the IPI, provided for in article 1 of Law […]
16 de July de 2019

Discussion about the possibility of issuance of tax compliance certificate to branch office when there are debts in the main office or in another branch office is suspended by the STJ

By Camila Friaça Reporting Justice Sérgio Kukina, accompanied by Justice Napoleão Nunes Maia Filho, understood for the possibility of issuance of tax compliance certificate to a […]
16 de July de 2019

Bill No. 3.515/2015 – Prevention of Overindebtedness and the Impacts in the CDC

By Barbara Oliveira After the period of incentive to the granting of credit, we are left with the consequences of the deficiency of instruction for utilization of […]
16 de July de 2019

Federal Revenue publishes Private Ruling repealing the application of social security contributions to bonuses for outstanding performance

By Mariana Martins and Camila Friaça On May 14, 2019, Private Ruling COSIT No. 151/2019 was issued, through which the understanding was established in the sense […]
16 de July de 2019

Juridical System which regulates adequate methods of solution of conflicts: some news about mediation

By Fábio Marques It can be said that there is a juridical system which regulates the adequate methods of solution of conflicts, alternative to the judicial […]
7 de June de 2019

Brazilian Supreme Court (STF) allows Brazilian state-controlled companies to sell subsidiaries regardless of congressional prior approval.

By Antonio Mazzucco, Christian Rosa, André Jerusalmy On a decision rendered last June 6th on ADI 5,624 Brazilian Supreme Court – STF allowed Brazilian state-controlled companies […]
16 de May de 2019

Choice of Law Governing International Arbitration.

By Fabio Marques A very important issue in the arbitral process refers to the choice of law governing an international arbitration agreement. The starting point for […]
16 de May de 2019

Variations of up to five minutes in the interval during working hours do not give rise to the full payment of the hour of rest

By Najla Mitre and Letícia Neves On March 25 this year, the Superior Labor Court – TST decided, in judgment with repetitive appeal effects, that the […]