31 de January de 2020

The Superior Court of Justice (STJ) decides that non-communication of sale of data represents pain and suffering

By Barbara Oliveira The Third Panel of the Superior Court of Justice unanimously decided, in Special Appeal 1.758.799, that the lack of communication regarding the sale […]
31 de January de 2020

Open Banking In Brazil – Challenges and Opportunities

By André Jerusalmy By analyzing some of the matters most addressed by experts in technology and law in 2019, we note that themes such as new […]
31 de January de 2020

A New Franchise Law is enacted

By Marcos Francisco Vilas-Bôas Buzo On December 26, 2019, the President of the Republic Jair Bolsonaro signed Law No. 13996/19, which establishes a new legal framework […]
31 de January de 2020

By majority vote, the Federal Supreme Court (STF) decides that nonpayment of the State Goods and Services Tax is a crime

By Mariana Martins and Marcelo Blecher On December 18, the Plenary Session of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), by 7 votes to 3, decided that the […]
31 de January de 2020

Green and Yellow Employment Agreement, The New Hiring Modality

By Fabiana Aparecida da Silva e Letícia Cordeiro After provisional presidential decree 881/2019, which became known as the “little labor reform,” the Government has also enacted […]
31 de January de 2020

Expression of Interest Procedure (EIP): An instrument that permits interaction between public authorities and the private sector in the development of projects

By Beatriz Wehby and Christian Rosa Currently, there is a consensus about the need, to a greater or lesser degree, for private agents and Government Authorities […]
31 de January de 2020

Influence of the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) in the innovation process

Por Leonardo Neri Candido de Azevedo At first, the new General Data Protection Law (LGPD) will come into force in August 2020 and will comprehensively impact […]
31 de January de 2020

Amendments to the Law on Court-Supervised Reorganization and Bankruptcy – Bills that are pending on the Legislative Branch

By Vitor Ferrari The Law on Court-Supervised Reorganization and Bankruptcy, in spite of being relatively recent (it came into force in 2005), and which has been […]
7 de January de 2020

Oncoming auctions awarding the right to explore highways in Brazil are expected to reach US$ 16 billion in investments

By Christian Fernandes Rosa and Beatriz Wehby Just before the dawn of 2020, Brazilian Ministry of Infrastructure presented details of the portfolio of concessions bidding expected […]