Start-Ups, Innovation and Venture Capital

The proposal of law firm MAZZUCCO & MELLO ADVOGADOS to clients that operate in new segments of the economy, such as 4.0 industry, IoT, cryptocurrencies, gaming and other innovations of technology-related products and services is to provide said  startups with all security and legal support for development of their activities, presenting everything from the best corporate structure to fulfill the purpose of the new business, to the negotiation of contracts and registrations of trademarks.

With a multidisciplinary team, we provide broad advisory to services directly intended to the growth of the startups, in accordance with the individual need of each company, supporting them from their conception to actual organization to the financial contribution of potential investors (“series”).

Our expectation is to proactively create a partnership relationship with the new developers, supporting them in any business and legal matter, adapting the startups to the different market forms, promoting even more the entrepreneur ecosystem related to technology and innovations.