Sports and Entertainment

The o office MAZZUCCO & MELLO ADVOGADOS is formed by specialized lawyers and with vast experience in the sports field. The team is familiar with the transactions of greater relevance of the market, which guarantees to its clients the provision of personalized services and of high quality.

In the office MAZZUCCO & MELLO ADVOGADOS, the sports area also acts through partnerships with lawyers and offices in different locations, allowing its clients to have a better and more effective monitoring of legal issues, especially in national and international preventive and contentious matters. In addition, the office is widely prepared to meet the needs of athletes, agents, clubs, federations, sports governing bodies, investment funds and companies involved with any business from the sports product.

The office has an innovative way of providing preventive consulting to its clients, providing all corporate planning and dense work in the labor sphere, as well as a notable role in litigation and dispute resolution, also focusing on contractual issues, intellectual property, platforms digital sports, sports betting, business, disciplinary and doping issues.

MAZZUCCO & MELLO ADVOGADOS provides the legal orientation needed for the managements and expansion of business. We offer assistance to evaluate legal risks related to corporate transactions, evaluating proper structures for different types of business and deals. The experience of our professionals in corporate and commercial transactions results in service levels that meet the highest business standards.

Activities in this area at service include:

  • Drafting of national and international agreements to document corporate adjustments, regardless of the complexity of the operation;
  • Legal Consultancy and Counseling
  • Corporate acts
  • Evaluation of risks
  • Routine counseling
  • Compliance with sectorial standards
  • Corporate governance
  • Private Equity
  • Shareholders' Agreements
  • Corporate restructurings
  • Investment Funds
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Participation in international arbitration (London, Toronto, and Colorado against the Innovative Dispute Resolution and the USADA, working alongside the arbiter Richard McLaren, renowned for doping issues. 
Sports betting, regulatory and transmission rights 
  • Participation in a project involving media rights, streaming, and betting platforms along with the British TV network SKY. 
Corporate and Contracts 
  • Legal counsel for clubs of the Superliga and creation of the association and charter of the Independent Volleyball League, as well as the elaboration of sporting regulations of the national competition.
Investment in the Youth Teams and Commercial Transaction of Athletes 
  • Creation of Partnerships with CEOs and team representatives of the Championship such as Sheffield, the British Premier League, and the Burnley, as examples. There was a focus on international brand development, transaction of Latino athletes to European common market and the promotion of youth team with international investment. 
Corporate and Contracts, Data Protection Law, Sports Betting and Regulatory 
  • Complete legal counsel, starting with the opening and regulatory development of the business proposed by the startup iSPORTiSTiCs, specialized in processing and formatting of sporting content. This generates video outputs and statistics, useful for media initiatives, analytics, and advertising. 
Civil, Sports Betting, Regulatory, Intellectual Property 
  • Complete legal counsel, starting with the opening and regulatory development of the business proposed by the startup "Quer Valer", which works in the digital marketing area and created an app that provides challenges to sports fans, based on chosen game results. 
Administrative Law Litigation 
  • Filing written of mandamus for the Brazilian gambling association discussing specific legislation about gambling rights 
Consultancy for petition of court-supervised reorganization in the entertainment sector 
  • Legal consultancy for a video game company to analyze the viability of a petition of court-supervised reorganization.