Alternative Means of Conflict Resolution

The arbitration and mediation team of MAZZUCCO & MELLO ADVOGADOS works on the prevention of future litigation. Our team of lawyers advises clients on the choice of proper means for conflict solution as well as in the very process of resolving conflicts,

Our professionals have experience in various arbitrations centers in Brazil and abroad as well as in a broad array of industries. Such experience includes from the drafting of arbitration and mediation provisions until the very process of settling the controversies.

No matter the type of dispute, we offer our clients service level that meets the highest business standards.

  • Participating in arbitration in UK company ESP Arbitrations, advising clients on arbitration
Pre-arbitration Litigation
  • Pre-arbitration litigation preparation for original shareholders in a leading ceramics company, involving values of R$120 million, as well as elaborating writs of prevention, shareholder meetings and other activities.
  • Acted on behalf of a sweats and cake company selling American brands in Brazil in precedent litigation and preparation for potential arbitration involving values of R$100 million, as well as the elaboration of notifications, corporate acts, negotiations and legal defense.
  • Preparation for corporate arbitration involving a debt of about R$1.5 million with a shareholder and controller of a heavy logistics company.