Anti-bribery and corruption

Due to the new anticorruption rules and policies, specially the enactment of Law 12.846 of August 1, 2013, the implementation of integrity (compliance) programs consistent with the international requirements and adapted to the Brazilian law became necessary.

The compliance team of MAZZUCCO & MELLO ADVOGADOS has extensive experience in implementing new programs of compliance and corporate integrity or in adapting existing programs to Brazilian law, speeding up the process and achieving cost effectiveness.

MAZZUCCO & MELLO ADVOGADOS is prepared to support its clients in all demands relating to Compliance rules, especially with:

  • Drafting, reviewing or adaptation Codes of Ethics;
  • Drafting, reviewing or adapting Codes of Conduct;
  • Drafting, reviewing or adapting Procedural Manuals;
  • Structuring of Whistleblowing/Ombudsman’s Channels;
  • Auditing of business partners;
  • Reviewing contracts for inclusion of specific compliance provisions;
  • Training of employees and agents;
  • Supporting internal investigations and imposition of administrative penalties;
  • Coordinating the implementation and supervision of anticorruption programs;
  • Defending lawsuits and administrative proceedings related to Anticorruption Law.

Advisory on the Development of Anticorruption Compliance Program: Identification and evaluation, for proper treatment, of risks of anti-corruption integrity. Planning and structuring of Integrity Programs (focus on Anti-Corruption)
  • Structuring the anti-corruption Compliance management system - development of the anti-Corruption integrity program of an organization with annual revenues of USD 500,00,000, 16,000 employees and operations in 11 Brazilian states. Consultancy for risks identification and evaluation, proposition of mitigation measures and treatment of risks. Draft of Code of Ethics and Conduct, guidelines and general policies and procedure guides for interactions with authorities (RelGov), hiring of personnel, relations with suppliers, conducting internal investigations, report channel and structuring of the Compliance Department.
Proposition of Leniency Agreements on the Anti-Corruption Act before the Public Prosecutor's Office and Comptroller Office
  • Classified information for cases our law firm worked.