About us


The law areas help change the lives of persons and the history of many companies. Knowing how to use them to make everyday easier and conducting them to potential results is very rewarding.

For that reason, we started to think differently. Think about providing a service where we treat the law in an intelligent manner, that adds value to persons and companies to win challenges.

  • Using information for the benefit of persons.
  • Using the human view as a strategic ally.
  • Cooperating with the development of persons, companies and businesses.
  • Thinking of Law as a facilitator.

But that requires a team of persons who share the same purpose, who value what is essential, and who are willing to move forward together in search of what is new.

Join us, we are MAZZUCO & MELLO.


As partners of our clients, we will always by their side in all law areas and with a high technical and intellectual level.

Developing a team of talented entrepreneurs who are aligned with our growth and our purpose.

Sharing relevant knowledge that streamlines the success of our clients.


Human – Promote good in human relationships.

Commitment – Care to understand a service and to conduct it until delivery.

Creativity – Listen and understand, interpret, plan to propose a different way

Transparency – Truth above all.